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Winning Over Jury: How To Impress Jury In Court? Winning Over Jury: How To Impress Jury In Court?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Aneeta Posted 15 Jan 2020
Winning Over Jury: How To Impress Jury In Court?

To shape a jury in your favour, you must present your case in a neat and tidy manner. It’s said that “…first impression the best impression…”

The opening sentences should be clear to the jury. This allows the jury to understand your case throughout to the end. You, as the Lawyer, should have a correct jury theme. The purpose of the theme is to grab the attention of the judge and the jury.  It should be like headlines in the newspaper which will rightly strike into the mind of the jury.

A lawyer should also have constant eye contact with the jury and not read out from the documents. “Reading the jury” is more important than your reading from documents. The way you represent the facts to the jury should be with some theme.

There should be eye contact with the people watching during the trial. Some stories can fight the boredom of the jury.

The correct paragraphing of the key points of your case is really important- make it clear to the Court what you are actually trying to case. Think or use “bullet points” in your write-up summary of the case you intend to present. Then keep a list of these bullet points easily visible to you during your presentation so you can be reminded of the key points as you carry out your presentation.

Don’t walk into the court without any preparation. You should be able to present your evidence in order so that the jury is not confused. If it works for you, think of your presentation as a “s c r i p t” and write out the script so you are clear in your mind.

Only by listening to other cases you will get the idea of how to present your own case. Be confident in your presentation but don’t be overconfident. The Jury should get the understanding that it was your client’s situation that led to doing the act and the act not done with mal fide intention.

Finally, must cultivate your speaking skills as well as being a good listener. Only if you listen to the other side you will know how to counter reply to that point. Then you must speak clearly and well in response. Take charge of the case, the Court and the jury. Win the case for your client, which is why the client has engaged your services as an advocate for them.  

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