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How Can Lady Lawyers Succeed In Profession How Can Lady Lawyers Succeed In Profession

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Aneeta Posted 16 Nov 2019
How Can Lady Lawyers Succeed In Profession

Being a lady and a lawyer, I know that for women lawyers, life as a lawyer is threatening.

So here I want to talk to women professionals who are lawyers, woman to woman. If you want to understand what women lawyers face and have to concern themselves with, please join in and read along.

1. Be curious and be constantly learning. For women lawyers, each day is a new day with new clients and new problems. There will be so much you don’t know and there are always situations that will teach you something new. The childhood of everyone starts out with curiosity. We like to know about each and everything. This curiosity continues with your profession of law. Only with curiosity, the strong desires to know will your career grow.

2. You have to shape your own path to your career success. Yes, you are a woman and you are a lawyer and at the same time, you are you. How you shape your career, the choices you make regarding places you work and the kind of challenges you search out should continue to be you, the person you’re most in charge of managing.

3. “You need to get comfortable in your own skin.” You have to discover yourself first. You need to know your weaknesses and strengths. If you want to defeat fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. Our life is one awesome journey but with risks. You might be not aware of how to reach your destination but should be ready to take the risk.

4. You should not let anyone else define success for you. You define it. You should know if you are in the correct path and don’t let anyone put their feet in your shoes. That said, it’s also wise to keep a mentor to help evaluate your growth and help you measure your efforts and choices. Make sure you don’t give space to others to crush you. If you do, they will.

5. Dress for Success: You should make sure you dress appropriately to the challenge and the work. Dress for the job you want tomorrow, not for the one you have now.  There will be talk all around you if you are independent in your style but tune out any negativity. In our legal career, most of the time we think there is only one way but we should adventure all the paths we can find to reach the correct destination.

6. Never be a big fish in a small pond. Always try for new opportunities and explore life.

7. Become visible to others. Patience should be practised every day otherwise you will worry yourself in unhappiness through stress. One of the biggest barriers to successful living is to avoid a stressed lifestyle.

8. You should believe in yourself before anyone else believes in you. We all have that one unique thing we can do easily which others can’t do. Use that deliberately show who you are.

There will be days that you will never find time for everything but if you want it you have to find it. Whoever is involved in the legal profession requiring an endless output of energy need to be committed to practices and make the time to restore your energy and keep well!

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