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Few Unique Legal Terms and Their Meanings Few Unique Legal Terms and Their Meanings

Bronze medal Reporter adv john Posted 8 Jul 2017
Few Unique Legal Terms and Their Meanings


Few Unique Legal Terms and Their Meaning



Chinese wall: - policy used by securities firms that prevents all departments from accessing non-public information in order to prevent insider trading and self-dealing.



Choate: - Completed


chose : - A thing; a personal possession.


chose in action: -  A claim that can be brought as a lawsuit.



chose in possession: - Something that is owned or can be owned.



Churning: - Excessive and unnecessary trades of stock by a broker in order to increase his or her commission.



Clayton Act: - A federal statute that amends the Sherman Antitrust Act by prohibiting price discrimination and regulating mergers and contracts that might inhibit competition.



Clean Air Acts: - Federal and state statutes that regulate air pollution.



clean hands doctrine: -  A doctrine holding that in order for someone to receive equitable relief for a wrong, he or she must be blameless in the transaction, and must have performed his or her duties in good faith without wrongdoing.



Clearinghouse: - A banking establishment where member banks exchange checks and bills all at once, paying only the balances in cash so as to settle daily accounts conveniently.



Clemency: - Mercy, forgiveness, or leniency.



Cloture: - A vote by a legislature to end excessive debate on the matter at hand and vote on it. See also filibuster.



cloud on title: - An encumbrance or claim on a title that could potentially impair the title but can be proven invalid by outside evidence, and can be removed by an action to quiet title.



Codicil: - An addendum to a will, modifying, adding to, revoking, or explaining portions of the original document.



Coif: - A headdress; a white piece of cloth worn by top English lawyers on top of their wigs.





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